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EasyFlyers logistics is a dynamic company dealing with the critical situations concerning the logistics flow of material, especially urgent transport. Upon your request, we will propose an optimal solution of the transport to your customers, whether you are looking for the lowest possible costs or the fastest solution, including customs clearance and any other transport-related services. Our company offers a wide range of services in the field of express air and road transport. We operate not only in the Czech Republic but also across the whole of Europe and other parts of the world.


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We deliver worldwide. Most often to China, Mexico, Australia, The US, and countries of the European Union

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Hotline 24/7
+420 732 100 732
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How does it work?
What happened to the 1% of shipments that did not reach their destinations as planned?
99% of all shipments that we help deliver reach their destinations on-time and in perfect shape. But just like your bag may not arrive at the airport, it can happen that the package is not loaded correctly at the airport. We try to eliminate this risk by choosing reliable airlines or more expensive services, if possible.
What information do we need in order to carry out the transport?
We need to know: the shipment’s pick-up time and location, its dimensions and weight and its delivery time and location. Once you send us this information we will be able to propose an optimal solution for your shipment.
Do we offer customs clearance in addition to transport?
We are able to provide both import and export customs clearance for your shipments, including special customs clearance 24/7/365.
How will we inform you about your shipment’s status?
You may track and trace the status of air transport shipments online after entering the AWB number at our website. We will keep you informed about all other shipments by the method of your choosing: e-mail, SMS, or via phone.